Kindred Scale

Facilitating growth within your company

Kindred is committed to supporting our portfolio companies for the long term

Our involvement continues well after building the CXO leadership teams. Our goal is to facilitate growth within our portfolio—Scale helps us do that.

Scale was created to support our portfolio companies below the Executive level. Functionally, we specialize in customer success, operations and sales hiring at the director, manager and senior individual contributor level.

Kindred Partners Scale

We focus on quality over quantity

Scale limits the number of searches we will take on, and we work exclusively within our portfolio and existing network. As such, we are able to apply more time and resources to each search, creating long-term alignment with our portfolio companies.

We focus on Directors, Managers, and Senior Individual Contributors across the following roles:

  • Customer Success
  • Account Management
  • Sales and Sales Operations
  • Business Operations
  • Marketing

Connect with the Kindred Scale team

Our team of Scale Experts have helped to build teams at portfolio companies including Aptible, BrowserStack, Lucidworks, OneLogin, Pantheon, Samsara, Tonkean, Udacity and others. Let us know how we can help…