Managing Director

Daniel Scanlan

Meet Daniel Scanlan

Daniel co-leads Kindred’s healthcare practice and has recruited C and VP level leaders across every functional area including CEO, Finance, Operations, Product/Technology/Engineering, Commercial/GoToMarket/Sales, Business Development/Partnerships, Marketing and Medical Affairs/Scientific Operations.

Daniel’s passion is partnering with entrepreneurs devoted to the goal of innovating healthcare and helping them build the executive leadership teams that can meet that ambition.

He’s helped build the teams at Curana Health, Dispatch Health, Galileo, Aidoc, Kyruus, Brightline, Sondermind, Maven Clinic, Transcarent, Picnic Health, Flatiron, and Mendel among others.

Daniel currently resides in Manhattan with his wife and beloved French Bulldog, and when he’s not working you can find him (or hear him) rooting for the NY Knicks and/or the Syracuse basketball teams.